Digital Content Management

The importance of managing a brand's online presence cannot be underestimated, and a company's digital content includes everything from a website to social media to emails. Whether on a temporary project-based campaign or on a long-term contract, my digital content management services include:

  • Website content management and updating

  • Social media management (content calendar creation + post schedules)

  • Email and communications management

  • Social Media Influencer network management



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Jashanmal Group - Bahrain (2017 - 2018)

Jashanmal is a regional retailer for international fashion, footwear, home appliances, travel gear and publishing companies in the GCC. I was brought on to the team to:

  • Create a monthly social media content calendar to promote the department store's brands and products

  • Implement the calendar for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Malja Bahrain (2015 - 2017)

Malja - A Red Bull Space launched in January 2015, becoming the country's first-ever creative platform dedicated to artists and musicians. I lead the platform's digital launch by working with the agency while they created the website and launching Malja's social network via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I continue to manage the website's event calendar and past event archive, the social media accounts, and the brand's email communications.

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Isa Award For Service and Humanity (2016)

The Isa Award is granted every two years to either individuals or organizations who make remarkable contributions to improve the circumstances of others. In preparation for the award ceremony, I worked with the organization to run a three-month marketing campaign to raise awareness of the award and to collect old photos and videos of His Highness the Late Amir of Bahrain, Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. For this project, we were assigned to:

  • Design the objective and messaging of the campaign.

  • Create a three-month social media content calendar using existing visuals provided by the client.

  • Implement the content calendar and post on the client's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Red Bull Bahrain (2016)

As part of the company's Extended Team, especially with the launch of Malja Bahrain, I'm often signed on as Communications Support for event-specific activation and throughout the year for general marketing. In the year 2016, I've worked with the company to:


RacerTimes (2012 - 2014) was the world's only motorsports networking website designed to bring all the people in motorsports together in one place. As the PR and Digital Content Manager, my responsibilities included:

  • Editing the website's content and articles for publication

  • Client communication

  • Live Formula One race coverage on Twitter