Straight Out of 2Seas Album Release

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on the internet in Bahrain, you’ve undoubtedly heard Flip’s boastful and nationalistic “We So Fly.” But there’s more to Flipperachi than the light-hearted and unmistakably catchy Bahraini anthem, his newly released debut album features an array of revelations about the hip-hop artist as a rapper, a Bahraini, and an individual. Straight Out of 2Seas touches on different subjects while still sending one resounding message; “It’s a loud introduction to me and what I represent, it cuts to the chase.” Flipperachi and DJ Outlaw, founder of Outlaw Productions where Flipperachi’s album was recorded, emphasized that the album needed to make a statement, especially to the naysayers who underestimated Flip as a hip-hop artist throughout the years. The first words on the album? “Now what’chu know ‘bout Flip? What’chu know ‘bout me?” (Repping the 2Seas)

The first ‘statement’ can actually be traced back to three years ago, when “Hold Up” was released and went straight to rotation on MTV Arabia, the first song and the first video produced on the album. Keen listeners don’t need to read this article to know that, Flip makes a reference to that fact on “Repping the2Seas.”

Scanning through the album, the tracks start off with a nationalistic core with “Repping the 2Seas” and “Louder,” before trailing off to hit on other topics while maintaining that Bahraini foundation in the beats and melody. Flip gets playful with the flirtatious and fun “Masmaa” and, my personal favorite, “Cheese Up On My Chips.” In between the playfulness you’ll find sombre refrains in songs like “Let Me Live My Life” and “Move Away,” and musical motivationals with “Run the Stairs” and “I’m a Winner.”

Nothing quite sums up the human ambivalence in Flipperachi’s character like “I’m A Good Guy,” a song that switches back and forth between loudly emphatic verses and a soothing chorus, illustrating musically Flip’s lyrics throughout the song and, ultimately, the entire message behind this debut album.

The album ends with a fan-favorite, “Dear Allah,” a track to highlight the rapper’s spiritual side. DJ Outlaw noted that this was a particularly difficult song to write, because it was important for Flip to be able to express himself without getting misinterpreted on such a sensitive topic. The song proved to be successful thus far, a chosen favorite among many listeners.

As for Flipperachi’s second album, the crew are definitely aiming to explore more topics to include the music. “The first album was an introduction to Flip, and now that people see who he is and what he can do, we can focus on all kinds of musical experimentation,” DJ Outlaw exclaims. The second album is still in early development, as Outlaw Productions are still experiencing the high of “Straight Out of 2Seas.”

- Noor Nooruddin

Photo: Ali Haji

September 7, 2014

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