I'm a Good Guy - Flipperachi


So I’m taking a step back to 2013 with my Music Monday choice for this week. Staying along the lines of Urban Culture Week (still not over it), I’ve got Flipperachi‘s hip-hop track “I’m A Good Guy” stuck in my head, and with good reason. Although I generally enjoy Flipp’s album in its entirety, this track is definitely my favorite. The music creates a perfect parallel with the lyrics, especially the contradiction between the verses and the chorus, and it makes me sad to know that this isn’t one of Flipp’s “viral” songs. Definitely worth a listen, even just to disagree with me.

You definitely have to wait for the best part, which is the whistling melody just before the end.

- Noor Nooruddin

Photo: Ali Haji

May 4, 2015

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