Drifting the Skies of Bahrain

For the first time in the region and minutes before the start of the World Endurance Championship - 6 Hours of Bahrain 2014 race, Red Bull athletes Abdo Feghali took the Bahrain International Circuit F1 track while Jokke Sommer occupied the track skies, and wowed spectators around the world in a live stunt. Feghali slipped coolly onto the track and silenced the buzzing crowd just as wingsuit base jumper Jokke Sommer leaped from 5000 feet above.

The audience couldn’t decide where to look. Within 2 minutes, Sommer landed effortlessly maintaining his cool as he walked toward Feghali who drifted around him with such precision that left the entire grandstand on edge.

- Noor Nooruddin

Photo: Ali Haji

November 16, 2014

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