About Me

Noor Nooruddin is a freelance writer and digital content manager with an M.F.A in Creative Writing, a Bachelor's in Psychology, and a Certificate in Media Communications. Noor writes culture and music non-fiction editorial content for Red Bull Bahrain. These include press releases, interviews with regional opinion leaders, and reports on local events. She also currently manages the company's social media. While working with Red Bull, Noor was on the founding team of Red Bull's non-profit creative space, Malja Bahrain. She launched Malja's website and three social networking channels, generating four thousand followers in two years.  

When she's not working behind brand guidelines, Noor focuses on writing that reflects her personality directly. She manages a Bahraini lifestyle blog because she just seems to have a lot of opinions about things, so review-writing comedically and unapologetically is her way to go. The blog focuses on reviewing Bahrain's never-ending myriad of restaurants and events. The blog also formed a small book club, a section on local cruelty-free cosmetics and fashion, and is about to venture into comic book and game reviews. She just doesn't know when to stop.

Download Noor's CV here.