Feature Articles and Interviews


Getting to Know Atish - An In-Depth Article on Globally Renowned DJ, Atish, 2015

"What Difference Does It Make?" - Review of Red Bull Music Academy Documentary, 2014

Bahrain's Funny Man - An In-Depth Article on Imran Al Aradi, 2014

Straight Out of 2Seas Album Release - An In-Depth Article on Flipperachi and his Debut Album, 2014

7 Tidbits of Ala Ghawas - An In-Depth Article on Ala Ghawas and his Discography, 2014

Switching Gears: Abdo Feghali Gets Personal - An Interview with Drifting Superstar Abdo Feghali, 2014

Behind the Party Aesthetics - An In-Depth Article on Vuruz Vision, 2014

Malja Countdown: Designing the Space - An Article on Conor Maguire and Sara Valente from Spoon dESIGN Consultants, 2015

5 Tracks in Hasan Hujairi's Head - A Quick Interview with Hasan Hujairi, 2015

Once Upon a Time... Arad Fort - A Quick Glimpse into the History of Arad Fort, 2015

Cosmo Flies to Paris for Music - A Quick Interview with Bahraini Musician Cosmo Before his RBMA Journey, 2015

Press Releases and Event Highlights


Mohammed Khalil & Salman Essa - Winners of Red Bull Bar Bahr Bahrain, 2016

Hyponotized by Power & Hoj - Highlights from the Soundscapes Powel & Hoj Party, 2016

YokoO Drops the Beat in Bahrain - Highlights and a Quick Interview with YokoO, 2015

Urban Culture Week 2014 Highlights, 2014

Drifting the Skies - Highlights of the Kitesurfing/Drifting Double Stunt at the 6 Hours of Bahrain, 2014

A Night to Remember - Highlights from Derrick May's Visit to Bahrain and Malja's First Event, 2014

Malja: A Hub for Arts and Creativity - Highlights from the Launch of Malja Bahrain, 2015

Gaming Up for IGN - A Pre-Event Editorial for the Activation of IGN Bahrain, 2015

Creating Bahrain - A Post-Event Press Release for JEO Production's Event, Create Bahrain, 2015