Malja Shines Light on Region's Urban Scene

“Together with their creations, they portray their doubts as well as their hopes, express their views and emotions through an art form that barely allows their audience to understand their own inspirations.” On Saturday, the 7th of March, Urban Nest was launched at Malja Bahrain. Curated by Bahrain-based Frenchman and photographer Melchior de Tinguy, Urban Nest is the first short exhibit launched at the space, and reflects The Khaleeji Voice, a book that collects all different types of urban artists from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The Khaleeji Voice is a project that started two years ago by Tinguy and writer Quentin de Pimodan. Urban Nest is a showcase of The Khaleeji Voice and the many artists who gave a part of themselves to share with an audience who have never visited the GCC artistic underground. The exhibit will be open until Saturday, the 21st of March, and features works by GCC artists Assil Diab, Eman Ali, Mohamed Alaabar, Mahmood AlShargawi, Mahdi Aseeri, and the man himself, Melchior de Tinguy. 

- Noor Nooruddin

Photo: Ali Haji

March 9, 2015

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