A Stitch in Time

It’s no secret that a lot of artistic initiatives in the region are influenced by traditional practices and culture. When Natalie established Yalla Habibi, she made it crystal clear that it was the result of one direct influence: the art of traditional textile weaving in Bahrain. Fabric weaving is one of the most ancient traditional crafts in Bahraini history, and it was definitely one of the most popularly practiced traditions. Today, though, fabric weaving has been restricted to the village of Bani Jamrah with only a handful of people with the skill and knowledge to practice such a meticulous and specific process.

Yalla Habibi is an initiative to revive and rejoice in traditional fabric weaving and merging it with contemporary design. Natalie’s process is to collaborate with artists to transfer their designs onto decorative handmade cushions. A designer herself, Natalie joined forces with Malja Bahrain to design a beautiful piece that represents the spirit of the space. An initiative to encourage collaborations and to support artistic Bahraini traditions is exactly why we can’t wait to see what new collaborations arise with Yalla Habibi at Malja Bahrain.

- Noor Nooruddin

Photo: Ali Haji

January 29, 2015

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